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city woman missing in turkey has been found dead. she had been vacationing in the country by herself. her body was discovered yesterday in istanbul. the most prolific sniper in the history of the u.s. military has himself been shot dead. tired navy seal chris kyle was one of two men killd yesterday at a gun range in texas. police arrested a suspect last night. they have no word on a motive. he won't be getting an oscar but ben affleck has gotten yet another consolation prize. last night his film argo won the director's guild award for best director. the golden globes and the screen actors guild have also honored affleck but affleck was not nominated for an academy award as best director. thousands are sending along condolences to former president george w. bush and his wife laura after hearing of the death of their beloved scottish terrier barny. the 12-year-old pooch died on friday. now to weather. cold and snowy in the midwest. and northeast. pleasant down south. and downright perfect inside the super dome. the week ahead will be mostly milder with scattered showers likely around t
that is truly remarkable. >> grant came here because it was so incredibly hot in new york city during the summer of 1885, and his advanced tongue and throat cancer was so painful and he was suffering. >> reporter: yes, when the general and former president came here, he was dying of throat cancer and he was broke. >> he had only $189 in his checking account as a result of his son getting him into a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: for years the man who had led union troops to victory in the civil war had declined offers to tell his story in print. he didn't consider himself a literacy man. but now he was being offered $50,000 and 75% of sales by an admirer of his author mark twain. >> mark twain was a great fan of ulysses grant. he made no secret of his admiration for grant. >> reporter: grant biography h.w. brands. >> so when he heard that grant was thinking about writing a book-like memoir he thought that it would be a great idea if he, twain, could be the one to publish it. >> reporter: it was an offer grant couldn't afford to refuse. but time was running short. >> everybody in the united states kn
: on her return to new york city, nearly everyone seemed to turn out to see the sleek new ship slide into the harbor. >> imagine taking a structure the size of the chrysler building turning it on its side and pushing it through the atlantic at a 44 miles an hour speed. that's a heck of a lot of engineering. on top of that, make it the most beautiful ship in the world. >> reporter: this beautiful ship attracted the beautiful people of her day. marilyn monroe, marlin brand oh, the duke and deutch he is of windsor, artist sal dore dali. even that legendary european beauty the mona lisa made the crossing aboard the big u. it was a heady experience for everyone on board. >> i remembered how absolutely gorgeous those stacks were. what it looks like when it's painted properly. >> reporter: back in 1958, five-year-old roz mcpherson and her family sailed to her father's new army posting in europe. they had come from the segregated south. but mcpherson discovered something remarkable on board. the ship was color blind. >> you figure that's 1958. that was a big deal to us as a family from the s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)